• Freemint Pass Mint
    Minting of 444 Genesis Freemint Passes on the Ethereum blockchain.
    Genesis holders have access to all upcoming phases!
    Price for WL: FREE
  • Private Discord
    Holders of the Freemint Pass NFT can verify their pass in Discord to get access to the private channels
  • Whitelist Giveaways
    Exclusive whitelist giveaways for hyped projects, especially free mints!
    In the first month we already got more than 2000 WL spots!
  • Track your Whitelists
    Tool which lets you track all the whitelists you got from our pass

  • Grind Pass
    Tired of grinding for whitelist spots? This Pass is made for you!
    Genesis holders get the Grind Pass for FREE!
    More info coming soon...


What is the Freemint Pass?

Freemint Pass is a private Discord community which gives holders great advantages in the NFT space. The project consists of two NFT collections on the Ethereum blockchain.
The phase I/genesis collection “Freemint Pass” is sold out with 444 supply and is only available on secondary market like .
"Grind Pass" is part of phase II and will be minted on Sunday, 11 December.

Freemint Pass Genesis

Supply: 444
Mint Price: FREE (for WL)
SOLD OUT (only available on secondary market like )

Grind Pass (Phase II)

Supply: 888
Mint Date: Sunday, 11 December
Mint Price: 0.008 ETH
Price for Genesis holders: FREE

Whitelist Giveaways

Pass holders get access to thousands of whitelists for hyped projects with one of the best winning chances!
Each month they get around 2000-4000 whitelists!
(in November the amount for Genesis holders was 3750 WL spots!)


With the huge amount of whitelists our holders get, they make profit even in current market situation!

Project Future

We want to provide our holders as many benefits and opportunities as possible, so that everyone can make profit, all without grinding!


Contact us for collaborations via , Discord support ticket or under